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#5 Enhanced Breathing

With ’Enhanced Breathing’ the cycle of this advanced workshop series closes here in perfect harmony with the first part ’Strong Back’. A good organisation in upright position depends on the use of breathing. We’ll explore the connections between breathing and the awareness of action. Breathing adresses different parts of our brain, like the brainstem (breathing), the cerebellum (habitual actions) and the cerebrum (conscious movement). All this can be very useful for us in Functional Integration as our touch steers attention and enables us to learn.

Welcome to Grabenstätt near lake Chiemsee. Numerous mountains and lakes in this region provide relaxation for body, mind and soul and offer many possibilities for activities in nature.

Language: English and German

Maximum number of participants: 14 - that guarantees ideal learning in a small group

Instructors: Thomas and Verena Farnbacher

Thomas and Verena are Feldenkrais practitioners since 1995. Their background knowledge is based on medicine, dance and martial arts. Both are certified JKA practitioners, in working with special needs children and have extensive experience in this work area.

Thomas works as Trainer in Training programs and teaches Advanced Workshops.

Verena conducts the 'Haus der Bewegung' in Grabenstätt, a practice for Feldenkrais as well as work with special needs children and functional oriented Yoga and is an Assistant Trainer.

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